Cambio Medical Websites Frequently Asked Questions




What is Cambio? top

Cambio specializes in healthcare website design.  Cambio understands the specific needs of the healthcare provider. Complementing each website, we provide interactive patient resources that save your staff valuable time while improving patient satisfaction.


What is the benefit of having a website for my practice? top

While providing a professional image and useful as a marketing tool, of greater importance is the ability to save time.  By providing web-based interactive tools for your patients, call volumes to your office will decrease while patient satisfaction improves.


I know there are other companies that design websites for healthcare providers.  Why is Cambio different? top

We specialize in website development for the healthcare industry.

Are your prices competitive? top

We believe that our web solutions are so beneficial to a medical practice that they made it affordable.  Our prices are very competitive.  There may be web designers who may appear to charge similar prices for creating a website but they will not include all the other tools that are essential to a medical practice. 


How long will it take to develop a website? top

We will create a customized website for your practice in 2 - 4 weeks.


What types of website design do you offer? top

Cambio offers both customized website design as well as pre-designed templates.

Customized website design provides you with complete control of the website design process.  Working directly with our designers, we will create a website highlighting the individuality of your practice.

Our Premium Designs provide a cost effective alternative to customization.  Choose from a variety of designs and we will incorporate your practice logo, pictures and additional relevant information.


Is this an Electronic Health Record (EHR)?  Does the website interact with my current EHR? top

NO.  Your website is simply accessed by patients through the internet.  It functions independently from any office software you may be using.  There is no training or technical support required.


Do I need any hardware or special equipment? top

NO. Your patients access your practice website through an internet connection.  There are no office or staff requirements.


What patient resources are available on the website? top

From new patient enrollment forms to patient education handouts, your office staff will no longer be distracted with routine paperwork.  Laboratory locations, driving directions, ancillary care directories and a variety of other resources provide the patient with valuable information while saving countless phone calls to your office.


What other services do you offer? top

In addition to website design, we host and maintain your website.  We register and renew all domain names.  We create e-mail accounts.  We offer automated patient scheduling requests and video production.


View Our Clients

Take a look at some of our recent clients.  We customize websites for a variety of medical specialties.

Hear From Our Doctors

Find out what other doctors have to say about us.  We stand by our quality, dependability, and commitment.

Why do I need a website?

Market your practice with an online presence.  Enhance your professional image.  Decrease cost by improving office efficiency.

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